Messina, seven days to define the roster


By John

Seven days to the end of the transfer market, eight to the official debut at Audace Cerignola. Now Messina’s sporting director Domenico Roma has to run to complete the squad to be supplied to the technician Giacomo Modica. 21 players currently under contract, in addition to the positions still to be officially defined for Domenico Franco and Mattia Darini and at least two key boxes (left full-back and central forward) still to be filled.


There will be a turnover between the posts, but this will not affect the ownership of Ermanno Fumagalli, designated number one and leader of the locker room. Both in the retreat in Sila and in these scarce two weeks of training in the city, “Radio Fumagalli” is always on, between motivations, calls to attention and that ability to form a group that remains innate in the young forty year old. Daga is outgoing and an under goalkeeper will arrive in his place, with the department completed since 2003 Vincenzo Quartarone.


It all depends on the position of Ferrara and the physical conditions of Pacciardi, the latter still in the pits due to a blow suffered in the retreat in Silano. With Manetta disqualified, Messina will show up in Cerignola with a rearguard that risks being far from the standard line-up. Lia-Polito-Darini-Tropea is the quartet tested repeatedly in the last few matches, with Ferrara returning to the group only in the last few days and with a future that remains to be established.
Brogni’s negotiation has stalled and risks falling apart, waiting for certainty on the physical problems accused by the left-footed born in 2001. Darini (2002) is awaiting enrollment, an official announcement that could only arrive in the last days of the transfer market.


The middle one is probably the most complete department. Franco, for whom only the announcement is missing, is the designated point guard, but he will miss the first four days due to disqualification. Florence, although still behind in terms of condition, offers quality and experience to brilliant companions, but still immature for professional football: Buffa was limited by some physical ailments, while Frisenna and Scafetta were liked by quality and intensity. Their endurance in Serie C remains to be tested, but curiosity and expectations on the two are decidedly high. Francesco Giunta, on the other hand, is that piece that also brings identity within the group. Wearing his Messina shirt is truly a dream for him and in these cases the motivations make up for the shortcomings.


In the end, everything revolves around the negotiation that will bring the benchmark of Giacomo Modica’s trident to the white shield. Emmausso, striker of this pre-season, is a reliable element and will be able to assert himself even when the matches start to count for real. Ragusa is the symbol of this Messina, a silent captain who however did not experience a simple pre-season, conditioned by some physical annoyance (and Cerignola will not be there due to disqualification).
Around revolve young people looking for consecration: Cavallo and Zunno are liked on the outside, but it would be useful to see them against thick opponents; Luciani seeks redemption after the last difficult seasons, while Ortisi has also been tested as a quality midfielder. Iannone is leaving and the consensual termination of the relationship should be finalized in the next few hours.