Messina, the “Night of the Tarantella” at Villa Dante


By John

Saturday 26 August, starting at 21, Messina will host the first edition of “La Notte della Tarantella” in the arena of Villa Dantean event specifically dedicated to the rediscovery and enhancement of traditional music and its fusion with other musical languages. The event is organized by the association “I Cariddi gscd” and by the Municipality of Messina, Department of Sport, Entertainment and Tourist Service, as part of the promotional plan “Messina City of Music and Events – Summer 2023.

The concert is presented to the public as a mixture of Sicilian sounds “a happening of popular music”. It will also be the “night” of heated confrontations between “purists” and “contaminators”, historical founders and members of ethnomusical research groups, historical groups and bands of the southern musical tradition and the great protagonists of the “Frame Drum” will perform they will tell the story of their land in music. On a single stage meet the following four bands from the stages and squares of the southern cities: The Charybdis, Sicilian company of musicians and singers, Canteballettu and the Pomegranate, for a magical and suggestive concert to live and dance in a fascinating journey across the island. A night accompanied by bands and musicians who will lead the audience to abandon themselves to the pleasant euphoria of the fast and pressing rhythms of the most beautiful and engaging Tarantellas, Ballets, Tambourines and traditional Songs linked to ancient rituals and performed with audacious arrangements poised between progressive folk and archaic sounds. The event is sponsored by the FITP (Italian Federation of Popular Traditions) and by the IGF (World Folkloric Union).