Vibo, 40% employment rate in the most… irregular province


By John

Bringing up the rear of all national classifications and statistics, the province continues to cause concern in terms of employment and therefore on that of the recovery of productivity, development and the economic and social revitalization of the territory.
The data available on the percentages of employment, in this sense, speak for themselves: the employment rate in the Vibonese area for the population aged between 20 and 64 is 40%. Data, obviously, that do not take into account those who have surrendered, and are no longer looking for any job. And the results of the famous goals, the “Guarantee for the employability of workers”, the reform program of the system of active labor policies and professional training, a measure that is part of the Pnrr, which should help the unemployed to relocate: so far, from what has been learned, they do not seem to be giving concrete results on relocation. Above all in the South. What weighs the most, precisely in the province with the lowest average per capita income, with a local economy whose structural fragility is known to all, and whose risks seem to be even higher than elsewhere, is precisely the lack of serious planning and overview which dramatically add up to all those elements that have characterized the entire Vibonese productive economy up to now: absence of industrial policies, support for trade and the third sector, vocational training, lack of governance of the labor market, inefficiency of the public administration , scarcity and inadequacy of logistic, energy, telematic services, in addition, obviously, to the oppressiveness of the illegal and criminal economy, which still dominates the entire territory today.