Messina, tomorrow evening the “Naples” show: proceeds for charity for Cirs and Lelat


By John

Tomorrow, starting at 8.30 pm, at the Palacultura “Antonello”, the show “Naples” will be staged by the Messina theater group “I Fikissimi”. The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Messina and with the support of the Equal Opportunities Councilor Liana Cannata, falls within the scope of those solidarity projects shared by the municipal administration in order to support the local entities that operate in the various social sectors . Mayor Federico Basile will take part in the evening, also in the role of protagonist with a cameo as “Fikissimo ad honorem”.

For the occasion, the proceeds from the charity show will be donated respectively to the Italian Social Reintegration Committee (Cirs) chaired by Maria Celeste Celi, and to the Lega Fight AIDS and Drug Addiction association (Lelat) chaired by Anna Maria Garufi.

The theatrical performance “Naples” staged by “I Fikissimi”, a cast composed mostly of doctors, led by Massimo Pulitanò, is a tribute to Neapolitan culture from tradition to the present day, through a mix of classic motifs of Neapolitan music, songs by modern and contemporary artists and spectacular choreographies, which frame a plot that celebrates the city of Naples through the voice of popular characters and mythological figures. The direction is handled by Pulitanò and Marcello Fatato; the arrangement of the musical pieces by Fabio Catalano, Gianluca Rando, Katia Bevacqua, Diacenta Paolillo and Danilo De Matteo; the choreographies of the Sya Dance school; the scenography is curated by Margherita Staiti and Miriam Sferrazza; while the lyrics by Cristiana Nicolò. The evening will be presented by Letizia Lucca and Marika Micalizzi.