Out of the 31st covid obs stabilizations of Neurolesi-Piemonte, the CISL Messina: “It is necessary to remedy a social injustice”


By John

“The failure to stabilize the 31 Covid OSSs who were excluded from the procedures at the Irccs/Neurolesi Piemonte represents a great social injustice”. The note sent by the general secretary of the CISL FP Messina starts from here Giovanna Bicchieri to the provincial health authorities to request the start of the reconnaissance procedure for the 31 excluded.

“The Milleproroghe establishes the date of 31/12/2023 as the final and peremptory deadline for the maturation of the eighteen months necessary for stabilization, while it sets the conclusion of the stabilizations by 31/12/202 – explains Bicchieri – This means, translated into simple terms, that in the Province of Messina the only workers in the social and healthcare role, left to date without employment and without the possibility of being hired. Certainly, we also understand that numerous healthcare companies in our region must appropriately draw from the competitive ranking of the eastern basin, define the stabilization of the staff in service, but we cannot forget those who initially faced Covid with uncovered faces and bare hands. For this reason – continues Bicchieri – we have invited all the healthcare companies in the province to convene negotiating tables with Cisl Fp, the only signatory for the Public Function of the Regional Memorandum of Understanding with the Volo Health Councilor, for the correct execution of stabilization procedures on vacant positions.”
“This is – concludes Bicchieri – a problem of social justice on which we invite the new managers of hospital companies and all the political and social forces to take a position, also given the serious organic shortage of OSS in numerous healthcare facilities, which is causing an uncontrollable series of disputes for the professional demotion of nurses.”