Messina: via Kragl, uncertain fate for Ferrara, Fumagalli and Ragusa. Tropea, Cavallo and… Tounkara are coming soon?


By John

A pupil of James Modicato all effects: Damiano Lia he returns to yellow and red after the first time in the 2017/2018 season, but with the coach from Mazara he was also at Cavese in the following championship and then from last December at Vibonese in Serie D. A loyalist, on which the Messina coach aims with his eyes closed.
The link with the Acr, through the mouth of the right-back ready to push as a raider, does not seem to have ever broken: «I have always followed the team since I left .- said the 1997 native of Lentini, through the official channels of the club -. In the last two years there have been some difficulties, from which whoever wore this shirt came out great. Now it’s our turn, I answered the coach’s call with great enthusiasm, I didn’t think twice and came back».

Looking to the future, to the technical project under construction: « We have three weeks to prepare ourselves as best as possible before the cup and championship commitments, with the aim of improving Messina’s progress compared to the last few seasons and taking some satisfaction away from us. We are a new group, with guys from last year who are very helpful and of an excellent level, we are starting to get to know each other».
One is gone, Kragl. We’ll see what the others do, da Ferrara to Fumagalli, passing through Ragusa. But surely others will come, such as young people Lorenzo Tropea (left-back born in 2004, on loan from Empoli) e Charles Cavallo (external striker, born in 2002, ex Real Aversa), who seem close to landing in Sila. As for the attack, beware of Mamadou Tounkara, who in the past hour has terminated his contract with Avellino. Also followed by Taranto and Brindisi.