Catanzaro “I swear I’ll never leave you”, season ticket campaign kicks off: all the discounts and news


By John

Serie B prices, reductions for old subscribers and further discounts for families, the introduction of a membership card, the possibility of subscribing to cards online and paying in three installmentsthe chance to transfer one’s season ticket for one or more matches by changing the name. “I swear I will never leave you” is the title of the season ticket campaign launched by Catanzaro in collaboration with TicketOne.
It starts on August 2, at the stadium box office and online on the website, with the pre-emption for old subscribers (until 9), for the new ones there will be time from 10 to 25 August, the theoretical eve of the home championship debut. “The benefits we have thought of are situations that have never existed in Catanzaro”, explained the general director Diego Foresti, illustrating the campaign together with the manager of the TicketOne sports area, the Catanzaro native Daniele Ursetta.
Prices. The costs of a single race range from the full coupon to 15 euros for the “Capraro” (12 the reduced for over 65, women and under 18, for the under 12 six euros) to 80 for the VIP grandstand. Season passes (for 18 out of 19 matches, excluding the Giallorossi day as usual) range from 210 euros for old season-ticket holders (170 reduced, 85 for under-12s) up to over 1,200 for VIPs for new season-ticket holders .

Additional 15% discounts for families: for example, a father, a mother and a son who subscribe to the curve will save another 70 euros. “Last year’s prices cannot be taken as a reference because it was a life-or-death championship with very popular choices”, underlined the general manager: “Now, after the records, the dream must continue in football that matters and that matters a lot also for the fans. I would like us all to show that we are a respectful people and we want to be respected.” The manager from Bergamo also referred, with an invitation to civility, to the absence of dividing windows at the Distinti (350 euros for old subscribers, 400 for new ones, 25 full tickets per game).

Virtual. Among the main innovations, the personal membership card which is essential for completing the season ticket subscription or transferring it, by changing the name, for one or more matches. Another novelty, available only to those who subscribe online and have a Paypal account, is the installment plan in three tranches: «Membership – Ursetta added – will entitle you to reserved discounts, promotions and pre-emption purchases of other events such as red and yellow day”.