MessinaServizi, regular waste collection on August 15th. Planned interventions to eliminate bonfires and clean the beaches


By John

Messinaservzi Bene Comune informs that for the holidays of August 15th, on days 14, 15 and 16, door-to-door collection, transport and sweeping services will take place regularly throughout the city, only on August 15 the ecological islands will remain closed. Furthermore, on August 14, from 5 pm, teams will be activated for extraordinary bonfire removal interventions throughout the city. Furthermore, on 15 August, in the North and South areas, there will also be morning beach cleaning services and afternoon emptying of the waste bins of the ecological mini-islands. Finally, on Saturday 12 August some demountables will be positioned in the villages of Minissale (atm stop parking area) and Fondo Fucile from 7 to 11.30. Citizens will be able to confer furnishings, bulky, Rae.