Metropolitan city of Reggio, the Pums towards the finish line: the Region gives green light


By John

All that is missing is the definitive passage in the classroom for the definitive approval of the urban plan for sustainable mobility. The urban planning document drawn up by the Metropolitan City in collaboration with the Municipalities of the area also received the Strategic Environmental Assessment from the Region. So in all likelihood in September the document will be able to arrive in the Metropolitan Council and thus become operational. A decisive step that comes with some delay, after the deadline has expired given that the obligation to definitively adopt the Pums within the established deadlines (the last postponement was by January 1, 2023), would have allowed access to funding and rewards in the division of resources destined for new interventions for rapid mass transport and cycling assigned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. For its part, Metro City had already approved and sent the document to Catanzaro in October 2022. It took the Region almost nine months to issue a positive opinion on a project based on 4 strategic axes: people, the city, the sea and the mountains, for each of which specific strategies and actions have been defined. Instead, there are six areas of intervention: metropolitan public transport and shared mobility; pedestrian mobility and shared space; metropolitan bicycle; road transport and safety; metropolitan logistics; integrated area of ​​the Strait.
Document which, over a medium-long term (5/10 years), develops a vision of the urban mobility system, and proposes the achievement of environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives through the definition of actions aimed at improving effectiveness and efficiency of the mobility system and its integration with the urban and territorial structure and developments.