Event at the ‘Granillo’ dedicated to Vialli risk a boycott? The organizer: “We are free, not tied to anyone: an event not to be missed”

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By John

The disappointment for the exclusion from the next Serie B championship is still burning. THE Reggina fans do not give peace and have made it clear that they will not welcome the next event scheduled at the “Granillo” in memory of Gianluca Vialli with enthusiasm (euphemism), with proceeds going to charity. The match organizer explained the reasons and assumptions of the event as well as the genesis of the initiative.

The letter

Dear Regini,

I’m Alessandro Arena, President of the Nazionale Azzurri, a non-profit association, whose history spans twenty years. As you well know, an extraordinary event called “The Legend9” will be held on 10 September in Reggio Calabria, which will recall the memory of Gianluca Vialli, a great sportsman and Italian man.

The proceeds from the match will be donated to the project WeAutwhich is a structure close to autistic children.

Having made this brief premise, I am anxious to write this letter, because in the last few days, after the sad decision of the TAR concerning the exclusion of my beloved Reggina from the Serie B championship, I have read various comments, and many others have been communicated to me, in thanks to the idea and the will to boycott, on the part of some fans, the event of 10 September at the ‘Oreste Granillo’ stadium to challenge the FIGC, the institutions and the personalities who rotate in the football system, because they were organizers of the match.

It is a duty for me, for my Association, for my collaborators and for all those who are working on this event, to point out that the Azzurri national team (promoter of The Legend9 event), throughout its history, has never politically aligned, with football institutions or movements, and never will.

The match of 10 September is an event organized in total autonomy by my non-profit association, strongly desired by the undersigned in your marvelous city, because I am aware of the warmth and welcome that the fans and the people will reserve for the players and artists present.

It is an event that the whole world is talking about and will continue to do so for the next few days and it is an event that all the cities of Italy and of the world wish to be able to relive and review the plays and emotions of the idols, of the old glories of world football, pleases all fans and enthusiasts of this sport.

Events like these present a unique opportunity that no city should let go.

I would also like to underline that a hypothetical exclusion of Reggina hurts Italian football as it loses a glorious team and, above all, loses one of the most beautiful fans in Italy.

For this reason, I invite every citizen of Reggio to participate and fill the Granillo stadium to demonstrate, for the umpteenth time (if needed), to Italy and to the world, that Reggina belongs to Reggini and that Reggina is the daughter of the most beautiful and warmest fans of all.

Let’s remember the great Vialli, let’s help autistic children, let’s relive unique moments, let’s have fun and bring the amaranth colors up!

Hoping that these words have clarified, once and for all, that no federation or political movement is involved, I hope that the city of Reggio Calabria has been the right choice I could have made and, at the same time, I hope that everyone will participate in order to welcome the champions and artists who come from all over the world, helping to extend a hand to those who need it most.

Reggio “Ale’!”, now and always!