Middle East, CNN: “Video from Gaza shows children and women detained and naked in a stadium”. Total death toll: 21,507


By John

Men but also women and at least two children were allegedly detained and stripped by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in a stadium in northern Gaza. These are the images shown in a video from the Strip commented on by CNN. The US broadcaster explains that it is unable to verify when the footage was shot, but claims to have geolocated it to the Yarmouk stadium in Gaza City, where the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor NGO said it had received reports of detentions. The NGO claims to have received information that the Israeli army is detaining hundreds of Palestinians from the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City, including dozens of women who were taken to Yarmouk Stadium.

A frame of the video shows “what appears to be two boys, stripped down to their underwear, walking and holding both hands in the air while the IDF directs them into the stadium” says the US media, adding that “in another video, two figures who appear to be the same undressed boys are seen with their hands above their heads, while lined up in single file with other males who appear to be adolescents and adults.” At another moment in the video there are also “women and other children detained”: «In one shot, three women fully dressed, blindfolded and with their hands tied behind their backs, are seen sitting on the grass in front of a football goal in the stadium. You can see an Israeli flag hanging from the soccer goal” says CNN, which also reports that it has contacted the IDF, but that it has “not yet received a response”.

The budget in Gaza

The death toll in Gaza, according to the Strip’s Ministry of Health, has risen to 21,507 deaths.