Middle East, Hezbollah attacks in Galilee: several injured, six are serious. Tehran: “Ready to hit enemies with Russian supersonic jets”


By John

All 14 soldiers were injured in the Hezbollah attack in the town of Arab al-Aramashe. The military spokesperson made this known, explaining that 6 are serious, 2 moderate and another 6 light. They were all transported to hospital. A short while ago warplanes hit “a Hezbollah military complex and terror infrastructure in Naqura and Yarine, in southern Lebanon”.

Iran: ready to hit enemies with Russian supersonic jets

We advise enemies not to make any strategic mistakes, because Iran is ready to strike them, especially with Sukhoi-24 fighters, Russian supersonic tactical bombers”, declared the commander of the Army Air Forces Hamid Vahedi, during the parades of the Army on the occasion of National Army Day In addition to the Sukhoi-24s, the Iranian air force is equipped with more advanced fighters and is ready to deliver such a blow to the enemies, which they will not be able to compensate, Vahedi added. , according to state TV.

Gallant: “Terror starts from Tehran but we will cut off its hands”

«Iranian terrorism begins in Tehran but tries to reach Judea and Samaria (West Bank, ed.) to attack the citizens of Israel. Their blood-stained hands reach out, but we will cut them everywhere.” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said this while visiting the site in the West Bank where 14-year-old Binyamin Ahimeir was kidnapped and killed while he was grazing with his sheep.