Milazzo, “compliant” beach plan but the happy ending remains far away


By John

State-owned areas plan, moving forward in small steps. In recent days it has become certain that the regional Department deemed the work prepared by the state offices to be “compliant” with the guidelines issued and therefore the process can continue without problems. But there are other procedures to be defined on the regional front before the “file” returns to Milazzo to be examined by the City Council for the approval necessary to make the new planning definitive. No one dares to make predictions, even if the regional government has asked for procedures to be quickly defined which have become disproportionately long and which dampen, not only in the case of Milazzo, the expectations of many young people, eager to undertake these activities.
It is clear that – and the administrators are the first to hope for it – that the long-awaited white smoke should arrive in the next three months to plan in the best possible way, especially the Riviera di Ponente where interventions for sport and tourism are planned.