Minimum wage, Meloni takes “60 days to involve the social partners”. Schlein: ‘No clear idea’


By John

Sixty days, from now to the manoeuvre, to find “effective solutions”, and “together”. Giorgia Meloni takes time – and takes the stage – on the minimum wage, which for her by no means solves the problem of low wages and poor work. And in the face of the opposition, which presented itself together for the first time at Palazzo Chigi to address the issue of the minimum wage, he relaunched proposing to give Cnel the direction of an in-depth work to arrive at a bill proposal “that deals with such a broad subject in its complexities”. An attempt to “make melina”, a “diversion” for the minority who, not convinced that a result will be achieved, will not escape “the confrontation” but at the same time will continue the battle for the minimum wage with the collection of signatures. For the first time, the premier descends into Piazza Colonna for a statement.

And in front of the television news cameras he confirms, as the opposition did shortly before, that there are “divergences”, but there is plenty of time to “also involve the social partners” and doing work “together”, a word he uses more even in the two hours around the table in the Sala Verde. Pd, M5s, Action, Greens, Left and +Europe show up punctually at 5pm. On one side, the government, with the prime minister in the centre, on the other, Elly Schlein and Giuseppe Conte on both sides of a space left for participation – from screen from which he is video-connected – also Matteo Salvini. Who speaks little during the confrontation, even if the League will then be the most trenchant towards oppositions that remain “on their ideological positions”. A certain “rigidity” is also noted by Antonio Tajani, however assuring that the goal is that of “richer wages”. The introduction puzzles the opposition.

The premier speaks at length to reiterate her objections to the minimum wage instrument which can even become “counterproductive”. Then it’s up to the leaders of the minorities, who take the floor in alphabetical order. And so far it seems the “remake of the discussion in the committee and of the question time” says Riccardo Magi at the table. “Everyone on his own positions, ball in the centre”, summed up the other participants. At one point Carlo Calenda asks to smoke. Everyone, or almost everyone, on the balcony, including Meloni. Perhaps that was the moment in which there was that “exchange of words” on the sidelines, as the premier minimizes, “without answers” as Schlein forcefully underlines, on the flood and the De Angelis case (“it’s a question of Lazio, I don’t think I have to deal with it”, the only words of the premier).