Mirto Crosia, a sixteen year old, falls from the third floor of a building: hospitalized in serious condition


By John

A minor from Mirto Crosia is in serious condition after falling from the third floor of a building in the small town of the Lower Ionian. The terrible episode occurred this afternoon in the town of Centofontane, in the Crosiota seafront area. In particular the girl fell from a building in via degli Aranci, landing badly on the ground. Rescue services began immediately and a 118 ambulance arrived on the scene. However, given the condition of the young woman, the air ambulance was called to intervene and landed near the scene of the incident. Once the young patient was loaded, the rescue vehicle took off again in the direction of the Annunziata in Cosenza. From what has been learned it seems that the girl has always remained conscious even if polytrauma is suspected and the conditions are still considered critical. The causes and circumstances in which the episode occurred have yet to be deciphered and clarified. The girl appears to have fallen while she was looking out on the balcony of the building. In any case, in this sense, all the information useful to clarify the picture of events is being collected. The carabinieri from the local Mirto Crosia station and the municipal police officers also immediately rushed to the scene and assisted in the rescue operations and coordinated traffic in the area to facilitate the landing of the helicopter rescue and ensure that the transfer of the minor was quick and without a hitch.