Mirto Crosia, cocaine in the house: a 36-year-old arrested


By John

The territorial control services carried out by the State Police continue unabated, aimed at combating the dangerous phenomenon of drug dealing, strongly desired by the Police Commissioner of the Province of Cosenza, Dr. Giuseppe Cannizzaro. In recent days, staff from the Corigliano-Rossano police station, in the locality of Mirto Crosia, following a house search, arrested a 36-year-old man because narcotic substances such as cocaine already packaged in doses for sale were found inside his home. . The detailed check carried out by the Agents inside the house also made it possible to find a precision scale and various materials used for packaging the substance.

The current activity arises from a series of stakeouts and investigations carried out by personnel from the Corigliano-Rossano Police Station with the coordination of the Castrovillari Public Prosecutor's Office directed by the Chief Prosecutor Dr. Alessandro D'Alessio. The man, with various criminal records relating to drugs, was arrested and taken to the Castrovillari district house available to the Judicial Authority. At the request of the Prosecutor's Office of Castrovillari, the arrested person was notified of an Order with which the GIP of the Court of Castrovillari ordered the measure of precautionary custody in prison.

During the course of these services, a person was administratively sanctioned for use of a narcotic substance pursuant to art. 75 Presidential Decree 309/1990. All this is communicated in compliance with the rights of the suspect (to be considered presumed innocent in consideration of the current phase of the proceedings until a definitive finding of guilt with an irrevocable sentence) in order to guarantee the right to freedom of the press.