More time for the superbonus, Poste Italiane reopens to credits


By John

Poste Italiane reopens to the transfer of tax credits, but with specific limits. Almost a year after the stop, decided in the phase in which the mechanism had started to creak under the weight of the superbonus, the public investee has decided to restart the mechanism for all transferable credits. A move that comes in the aftermath of the government’s decision to grant more time to those who can still take advantage of the 110% discount. In the meantime, the incentive continues to run: at the end of July, the investments eligible for deduction are close to 83 billion. Poste will reopen the tax credit purchase service starting from the first days of October. However, the release will only concern natural persons and will be limited to the so-called first transfers for a maximum amount of 50 thousand euros. The announcement came with a terse note, in which the public investee explains that the initiative is “in line with the indications of the Government which confirms the constant support of Poste Italiane to families and the country system”.

It was November 2022 when the group led by Matthew Del Fante announced the decision to suspend the tax credit purchasing service. In those days, the credit transfer mechanism was causing difficulties for other subsidiaries and a large part of the banking system due to the exhaustion of the fiscal space available. Shortly thereafter, the tightening decided by the government would have taken place, from the stop to the sale and the discount on the invoice up to the reduction of the subsidy to 90%.

In the meantime, a novelty arrives for those who still have the full incentive, that is the houses with already advanced works. The government has in fact granted an extra three months to complete the work. For single-family buildings, independent real estate units that had completed at least 30% of the works as at 30 September 2022, the deadline for completing the expense and deducting it, benefiting from 110%, was currently set at 30 September: but in the asset decree approved last night by the Council of Ministers the deadline was extended to 31 December 2023. Meanwhile, the work carried out with the superbonus continues to grow. According to the latest data from ENEA, as at 31 July, investments eligible for deduction rose to 82.996 billion, out of a total of investments (including sums not eligible for deduction) of 84.326 billion. The burden on the State, relating to the deductions accrued for the completed works, is equal to 74.215 billion, out of a total of investments for completed works eligible for deduction of 67.854 billion.