Moto GP, Bagnaia will be there at Misano: “The others are good at avoiding me”


By John

He said it, he really wanted to be there and he will be there. Tomorrow Francesco Bagnaia he will take part in the free practice of the San Marino Grand Prix and the Riviera di Rimini and, when you think back to Sunday’s spectacular accident in Montmelò it seems like a miracle. THEThe rider from Chivasso underwent a medical check-up once he arrived at the Misano circuit and the outcome was positive, given that he obtained the approval of the doctors. «I’m quite well, it was a tour de force, we’ve done an incredible job in recent days – the Ducati world champion told Sky Sport -. Thanking all the people who have helped me during this time is hard, but I will. I’m very lucky from all points of view, I’m looked after by fantastic people and I feel pretty good, I have to thank Alpinestars first and foremost because they saved me in a very complicated situation and now I’m here to try to race.” He wants to be there and the great result is that, despite everyone else, he will be at the start for free practice tomorrow. Last Sunday’s incident cannot be erased from one’s mind, but Bagnaia had no difficulty reliving those moments.
«I reviewed the images, I’m not very impressionable as a person at least about myself, about others yes, but not about myself, and therefore I wanted to look at them again as soon as possible», explains Pecco, «it was a nice shock, in Ducati not what happened had been evident for a long time, I flew several meters and I was lucky that everyone was very good at trying to dodge me, there were five riders missing because unfortunately Bastianini crashed at the first corner, it was unlucky for him and lucky for me, it went well.”
A phrase that Pecco repeats several times, he feels it is his, he knows that it is so because he has those moments very clear in his mind. «I had time to hear that the airbag was exploding before I ended up on the ground, this left an impression on me, the flight lasted a long time, then I saw all the motorbikes passing by, I hoped they wouldn’t catch me, Binder did everything he could to avoid me and luckily caught me in the best spot he could catch me – continues Bagnaia -. I’ve been very lucky and I would like to say thank you to Alpinestars who have been carrying out a protection program for my legs and shoulders for years, they are fantastic and I owe them a lot.”
To give him strength, in addition to the great desire to be present at the “home GP”, “the affection of the people who left me speechless”. The thought, even immediately after the incredible flight and the risk experienced, was to get back on track. «The first thought in the ambulance was to try to get back into the race, it’s nice that this is the case because the desire to get back on the bike is the most powerful fuel there is for us riders». A desire that puts aside every thought. «Having studied the dynamics and knowing that there is a reason helps – he says remaining on the accident theme -. We analyzed our things, Michelin analyzes the tires, the temperature of the tires was ok, on an electronic, mechanical and driving level there were no problems, let’s see what the answers will be». In the meantime, there will certainly be «to grit our teeth very hard this weekend. I’m not at my best, but we’ll try, it already happened two years ago here, when I arrived after 20 days with a fractured tibia, it also happened in Jerez after the shoulder injury, we’ll try again.”