Municipal Avis of Arena, 2024 donor celebration with awards and moving testimony on the importance of the gift


By John

Last days of the year. Council room of the municipality. Arena’s Avis donor party, back after the pandemic. Report from the President, Nicola Larobina: 40 bags collected on December 27th (limited due to lack of marking labels); 324 annually (7 more than in 2022, despite 2 fewer donations). Small municipality but notable results, to which are added those with other associations (Telethon, Aism and Ail) to increase funds for the respective research. The provincial president was “justified” absent, Caterina Forelliand the regional vice president, Nicodemo Napoli, Biagio Cutrì, former first provincial president and regional vice president, he invited people to donate, even a smile: “because it saves lives or it will please those who receive it”. Nando Cirucci, provincial secretary and former president of the municipality of Arena for 2 terms, praised the activity of the city headquarters. Surprisingly, he received a well-deserved plaque for the work done. The most moving moment in the testimony of Brunella Ida, thalassemic since birth, who, demonstrating her desire to be an active part of the association, highlighted the vital importance of the gift: 2 transfusions every 18 days since she was born (the first at 4 months), for a total of approximately 1541, which allowed her to live life in a normal way. «With every transfusion – she remarked – my thoughts go to all of you, whom I will never stop thanking for the life you give me». The awards were given to underline the “gift of life”: 76 copper medals; 69 silver; 14 silver/gold; 3 gold; 1 gold/ruby, a Joseph Seven, 75 bloodlettings. The evening ended convivially, with a banquet and cutting of the cake in a local restaurant, where we exchanged good wishes and good intentions to continue donating and helping. With the hope of more and more people. It costs nothing and gives a lot. Brunella docet!