Municipal elections in Gioia Tauro, Schiavone an uncompromising candidate


By John

With the presentation of the candidate for mayor Rosario Schiavone, the political laboratory “Alleanza Gioiese” makes its race official in view of the municipal elections of 8 and 9 June.

A room full of supporters listened to the speeches of the team in support of the 49-year-old official of the Calabria Region, with various administrative experiences in the City Council but also in the Regional Council. deputy mayor.
To start the work, moderated by Alessandra Ruggieroone of the founders of “Alleanza Gioiese”, Christian Carbone, which retraced the stages of the movement based on three cornerstones: «Independence from all those who come to Gioia Tauro only to make political catwalks and gain the citizens' vote; competence at the expense of improvisation, because it is the moment to give space to those who have something to say and give, not to take as usually happens, and transversalism, or the need to put away in the drawer all the flags and ideological legacies that until now to date they have divided us and taken down exclusively that of Gioia Tauro, the city that we must love and defend despite any possible division.”
Continuing the interventions were the various department representatives Viviana De Maio, Rosario De Leo, Roberto Irrera (another founder of “Alleanza Gioiese”), Emanuela Zito and Manuela Borgese. Also speaking were Giovanni Lollio, who guides the younger ones in learning political dynamics, and Salah Chattabi, a member of the Italian Islamic community that “Alleanza Gioiese” has involved in a virtuous path of integration.