Municipal elections in Vibo, center-right in turmoil. The Limardo “case” on Roman tables


By John

High tension weekend in the center-right. The candidacy of Maria Limardo, considered almost certain until a week ago, for days – as widely anticipated by the Gazzetta del Sud – has definitely returned into question. Even without official comparisons, the summary that many would have arrived at would be the following: with Maria Limardo, who also did not manage so badly, the risk of facing defeat is very high due to a council that ends after five very difficult years.
A summary that the mayor does not agree with at all, so much so that it has already been declared in the field on several occasions. The verdict will come in a few days, once the work of the national congress of Forza Italia in which all the Azzurri managers from the Vibo area are involved, joined in the last few hours by the head of the administration himself.
Meanwhile, the center waits to understand how to study the alternative. If Maria Limardo were there, but even if the mayor was overtaken, there are nine acronyms ready to compete together. Around a political fulcrum called Vito Pitaro which, around itself, has gathered many expressions of civility and politics. Two above all: Action of Stefano Luciano (on Francesco De Nisi there would still be serious doubts) e Mino De Pinto's League.