Reggina lasts a while in Sant'Agata


By John

City of Sant'Agata-Reggina 1-0
Marker: 16' st Capogna.
City of Sant'Agata: Iovino 6, D'Amore 7, Squillace 7, Esposito 6.5 (11' st Maresca 7), Nagy 6.5, Yakubiv 7.5, Nunzi 7 (49' st Fiorillo sv), Saverino 6.5 (23 ' st Marcellino 6.5), Mincica 7 (49' st Falla sv), Alagna 6.5, Capogna 8 (34' st Aquino sv). Annex Facciolo 8
Reggina: Velcea 6.5, Martiner 5, Adejo 5.5, Zanchi 5.5 (21' st Barillà 5) Porcino 6, Mungo 5, Girasole 5, Zucco 5 (31' st Lika sv), Perri 5 (31' st Cham sv), Bolzicco 5, Renelus 5.5 (31' st Rosseti 4.5). Annex Trocini 5.
Referee: Coppola di Castellammare 6.5.
Note: Rosseti expelled in the 49th minute for protests. Booked: Mincica, Zucco and Porcino; Corners: 2-6. Recovery time: 0', 5'.

A faded and very confused Reggina leaves “Fresina” with three very important points in the playoffs, beaten by Città di Sant'Agata more than the narrow score suggests. After a rather lively and somewhat balanced first half, Trocini's team completely failed in the second half, without ever taking a shot and indeed allowing themselves to be crushed by the home team, good at taking possession of the median and moving the right pieces to place the checkmate.
Yet it was the Calabrian team that approached the match better, pressing Sant'Agata high and showing good intensity. In the 7th minute the hosts were shaken up with a play from Squillace who caught Alagna at the far post, a pass for Mincica who incredibly missed the target with his header on the opposite side. In the 8th minute Zucco responds by snatching the ball from Esposito in midfield, reaching the limit and shooting just over. In the 12th minute Capogna collects a rebound from the edge but his first-time left-footed shot goes wide. In the 18th minute Mincica throws Alagna towards the goal, the attacker, instead of flying into the area, opts for the ballistic solution from far away but without luck. In the 28th minute Bolzicco wins one of the rare balls of his match and finishes high from a tight angle.
In the 29th minute the break came from Renelus, who launched from midfield and served from the back for Zanchi whose shot was blocked, then on the rebound Renelus missed the target again.
After a lively first half, the conditions in the second half seem to be the same and after just 30″ Renelus causes panic on the right side of the area with his diagonal crossing dangerously across the entire goal line. This will remain Reggio's only offensive starting point. In the 15th minute Maresca catches Capogna well who finds Velcea's rebound from close range. From the following corner Zucco throws the ball away, Capogna collects it from the right top and curls the ball home with the complicity of a deflection of the head by Adejo which puts his goalkeeper out of action.
Having conceded the goal of the disadvantage, we expect the reaction of Reggina, which instead makes a silent scene: no hint of intensity, midfield totally in the hands of the home team and a response that does not arrive even with the additions of Barillà and the other changes made by the bench . Instead, Sant'Agata takes the lead, coming close to doubling the score in the 20th minute again with Capogna, who splits the area in two, discards Velcea but can't find the winning coordination. In the 35th minute it was Aquino who took a good shot from the edge of the area, with the ball touching the post. The Sant'Agata team managed well the lukewarm attempt at the final assault by the Amaranths who lost Rosseti in injury time, who was sent off for blatant protests, then it was time for jubilation for the Biancazzurri fans and bitterness for the Amaranth fans who had come all the way to Sant'Agata without ever missing support for the team.