Municipal elections in Vibo, the center organizes itself and begins to define the perimeter of the coalition


By John

We will vote in the spring of 2024 for the renewal of the mayor and city council of Vibo Valentia. Discussions, discussions and insights have been open for weeks by political and civic forces to try not to arrive unprepared for the appointment with the electoral competition. Among those aiming to play a leading role there are a number of movements and parties of thedowntown area who are trying to capitalize on the dialogue undertaken over the last few months. So that’s it We Moderates (Maria Rosaria Nesci), UDC (Salvatore Bulzomì), Concretezza (Pietro Comito), Italia Viva (Giuseppe Condello), Vibo ed Identità (Elisa Fatelli) and Action (Claudia Gioia and Maurizio Mazzotta) effectively formalize their took to the field with the aim of building a coalition, the so-called “Third Pole”, an alternative to the centre-right and centre-left.

“The following parties and movements – we read in a note – following the meeting held today, communicate the following:

1) to have opened a discussion useful for the composition of a coalition that can present itself united and strong in the next administrative elections for the renewal of the municipal council of the Municipality of Vibo Valentia and which will express a candidate for mayor;

2) to be united by a common political position which consists in creating an alternative and innovative project, which focuses on the skills to improve the economic-social conditions of the territory and which marks discontinuity with the current administration and therefore with the current Mayor , convinced that it is necessary to change steps from an administrative point of view to better govern a city in objective difficulty;

3) to be open to the contribution of liberal and reformist forces who, without any ideological prejudice, deem it useful to work for the common good through a concrete and achievable program.