Municipality of Crotone, the tender to identify the manager of the territorial socio-educational support service (SET) is underway


By John

The notice for the assignment of the service for the identification of a person managing the territorial socio-educational support service (SET) for the municipalities of the Social Area of ​​Crotone which includes the Municipalities of Belvedere has been published on the Municipality’s website Spinello, Cutro, Isola Capo Rizzuto, Rocca di Neto, San Mauro Marchesato and Scandale, as well as the municipality of Crotone as lead body

This was communicated by the councilor for Social Policies Filly Pollinzi

The territorial educational service represents an important objective for the Social Sector of Crotone, for the type of interventions that will be carried out and for the consistency of the financial resources, approximately 900 thousand euros.

The political will is to provide every municipality in the social welfare district and, as for the capital city, in its most at-risk neighborhoods, opportunities for very young people to make positive use of free time.

Strengthening educational responses with extracurricular activities and courses for boys and girls means taking care of the new generations, particularly in contexts of fragility, promoting their well-being, preventing and containing situations of family, relational and cultural hardship.

They will be opportunities structured over a sufficiently important period of approximately 70 weeks. Minors will be able to enjoy times, places and tools for aggregation among peers, educational paths and social and cultural promotion. They will have at their disposal proposals and means to develop creative abilities, learn new skills and social skills and strengthen relationship skills also by experimenting with approaches with different and new people and experiences from their own contexts.

An important element of the service will be the systemic approach in the educational process, i.e. the involvement of all individuals who are significant to the minors, whether they are peers or adults.

“Reaching the publication of such an important tender represents on a political level another fundamental turning point for the construction of social services that are increasingly attentive to the contexts that concern the community as a whole. It is the result of a process of defining responses to emerging needs which has been able to set itself an objective dedicated to younger people, intercept resources, develop their ideas and translate them into timely administrative actions. I would like to thank the entire conference of mayors of the area of ​​which Crotone is the leader and the Planning Office for their attention in following up on the political will. What unites us is the responsibility towards the youngest, away from any paternalism and rather committed to offering them the right toolbox to express themselves, relate and contribute to the growth of the entire community of which they are the most precious part” declares the councilor for Policies Social Filly Pollinzi.