Municipality of Lamezia, lack of transparency on attendance fees is now standard practice


By John

If a citizen of Lamezia wanted to be informed about the presence in the Chamber and in the various Commissions of a municipal councilor who voted, and about what compensation “his” representative receives in the city council for these activities, he should first of all be present at every session. NoNot only that: he should go and check the law on councilors’ emoluments and he would also need a calculator in order to multiply the councilor’s attendance by the “token” that he is entitled to according to the law. There is no other way for a Lamezia voter to control how much an elected official “works” and how much public money he collects for his institutional activity.
On the main instrument responsible for the transparency of the institution, i.e. the praetorian notice board, for some time only the decision of the General Secretariat which orders the payment of attendance fees has been published, indicating only the total amount and not the individual sums of which each advisor is the recipientAnd. However, the publication of the attachment with the attendance statement and the related compensation due to those who participate is omitted, a document which in recent years, even when the current municipal administration was already in office, was regularly consultable on the notice board.