Municipality of Vibo, external professionals to do the “accounts”. The race against instability pays off


By John

Eight years of liquidation commission costing the institution millions of euros were not enough to allow the Municipality to come out of the impasse of financial instability. Suffice it to consider that, at the conclusion of the work, the triad certified one additional passive mass of 18.7 million. A figure that was added to the over 34.6 million approved in the meantime by the City Council, bringing the deficit to around 53 million euros, which was later reduced to 31 million thanks to the arrival of state funds.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, the disbursement of sums “for the fulfilments subsequent to the closure of the bankruptcy procedure” continues without interruption. In recent days, the decisions date back to 2 August, and were signed by the manager Adriana Teti, the institution had to extract from its disastrous coffers, an additional 10 thousand euros as an advance for two professionals, in this case lawyers, who received «the task of managing and coordinating assets and liabilities following the closure of the financial instability procedure». Legitimate sums, mind you, those obtained by Maria Severino and Giulia D’Agostino, to which at the moment 5 thousand euros have gone each, and soon – at the end of the assigned service – the same amount will arrive. The Municipality, therefore, will disburse a total of 20 thousand euros.