Reggio, they steal 18 thousand euros from a woman with a scam: two arrests for aggravated fraud


By John

Staff of the Police Headquarters Reggio Calabriaas part of the control activities aimed at repressing predatory crimes, has drawn under arrest, for the crime of aggravated fraud, two people (a man originally from the province of Naples and a woman from the province of Bari, aged 24 and 23 respectively)who shortly before, had managed to get delivered by a woman, thanks to a proven deception scheme, a significant sum of money (over 18,000 euros).

In particular, the technique used, recurrent in this type of crime, was to contact the victim by telephone, posing as a lawyer, leading her to believe that a relative of hers (in this case the daughter) had caused a serious accident and therefore it was necessary to proceed to an immediate compensation to avoid a complaint and the consequent arrest.

The control of the two by personnel of the Mobile Squad and of the Volantes was triggered following the suspicious attitude of the man, wholla sight of the patrol he lay down inside the passenger compartment of the car on which he traveled, trying to hide.

Therefore, not having been able to justify their presence in Reggio Calabria, the car and its occupants were subjected to a thorough search which made it possible to find the large sum of money. Subsequent checks traced back to the victim, who reconstructed his misadventure at the time of the complaint and recognized the woman to whom he had given the money shortly before. At the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Reggio Calabria, on 4 August the arrested were judged with a very direct procedure and in addition to the validation of the arrest against them, the precautionary measure of the obligation to stay in the municipality of residence was applied and the obligation to sign at the competent police office.