Municipality of Vibo: the Council returns to nine. Enter Fuscà, Fanelli and Scionti


By John

It thundered so much that (finally) it rained, even under the (not so scorching) sun of August 15th. Yesterday afternoon, mayor Maria Limardo finally came full circle, completing her Giunta, orphan of three elected after the resignation of as many councilors, an expression of the Città Futura group.

TO Katia Franzè who for over a week was placed in General Affairs in Domenico Francica’s place, three exponents of the so-called civil society are added, identified by the mayor, with the support of the managerial group of Forza Italia, one of the two political forces (the other è Fratelli d’Italia) remained by his side. The ace that Maria Limardo has decided to drop in extremis has a name and a surname of absolute importance that take us back to a few years ago. It’s about Antonello Fuscà, cassation lawyer, former councilor for public works with the late Alfredo D’Agostino and, in those years, a point of reference in the center-right and in Forza Italia, only to then disappear from the radar of politics to devote himself to his professional activity. Antonello Fuscà will probably be responsible for Commerce and Productive Activities, given that the mayor seems willing to leave Public Works to Carmen Corrado. But in this respect, there may be further news in the next few hours. Confirmed the indiscretion that he wanted to culture and events Giusi Fanellicurrent president of the Pro loco, who had also declared to the Gazzetta del Sud, two weeks ago, that he was not interested.