Mystery in Paris, one of the victims of the fire had a bullet in his head


By John

The body of one of the two victims of Sunday's fire in a Paris apartment, whose body was found in the rubble, has a bullet hole in the head caused by a firearm: the drama of two days ago in The French capital is tinged with yellow, also because several false documents were found on a third victim, who died after jumping out of the window to escape the flames.

The turning point in the investigation, according to what Bfm TV revealed this morning, involved the transfer of the investigation from the judicial police to the criminal brigade: “it's about understanding the mechanism of what happened in that apartment”, a source from the investigators tells the broadcaster , recalling that “at least 3 detonations were heard coming from the apartment where the flames started on Sunday, one shortly before the fire broke out”.

The drama occurred in an apartment on the 7th and penultimate floor of a building on rue de Charonne, a street that has become very fashionable in recent years. It took 70 firefighters and 17 fire trucks to put out the flames. An occupant of the apartment tried to save himself by climbing out of a window but fell into the void and was killed: “he was in possession of several different identity documents, we are still identifying him”, explained a source. Hypotheses range from murder disguised as fire to accident to suicide, but no weapon was found among the charred remains of the fire.