Mystery on Sokolov’s death: for Russia he is alive. Kiev: We are asking for information


By John

It’s a mystery about the admiral’s death Viktor Sokolov commander of the Russian Black Sea fleet. The announcement was made by Ukrainian sources while the Kremlin has no information on the killing, which was claimed by the Ukrainians. The spokesperson said so Dmitry Peskov cited by the Tass. On the contrary. The Russian state agency Ria Novosti released a video of a meeting of senior officials that took place today in which Admiral Viktor Sokolov, the commander of the Black Sea fleet who the Ukrainians said they had killed in a missile attack on Friday in Sevastopol. Sokolov is shown listening to a speech by the Minister of Defense via video link Sergei Shoigu.

Kiev’s reply

«As you know, 34 officers were killed in a missile attack on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Available sources say that the commander of the Black Sea Fleet was among the dead. Many have not yet been identified due to the fragmentation of the bodies. Since the Russians were forced to urgently issue a response with Sokolov presumably alive, our units are clarifying the information. This is part of the procedure for collecting data on the results of the operation.” The Special Operations Command made this known in a statement released on Telegram.