Cosenza, the mayor asks for a rapid pace with respect to the projects put in place


By John

From commitment to practical action. This is the address outlined by the mayor, Franz Caruso, which requires more energy to implement. Translated it means relaunching administrative action. Hence the idea, which has already developed in recent weeks, to get involved with the council, without, however, distorting the initial structure of the city executive.
It is feared, however, only a remodulation of the delegations, although in the circles of the centre-left majority there are those who are convinced that some small surprises could materialize in the number of councilor positions. The budget manager who has resigned will certainly be replaced, Francesco Giordanowith the tenant of the Town Hall intending to entrust the important role to an external professional (Giordano was also one) he trusted, leveraging the prerogatives of the mayor, therefore choosing him in complete autonomy.
Therefore, the indiscretion that spread in the aftermath of Giordano’s step back to focus on one of the candidates for the presidency of the Board of Auditors seems to be deflating, Francesco Colistroproposed by the Democratic Party but remained on the threshold of Palazzo dei Bruzi due to a handful of preferences, as at the time of the vote a large part of the municipal council expressed its opinion in favor of the outgoing party, Andrea Mannaalso supported by parts of the majority, in fact, ready to express themselves favorably together with the opposition.