Ndrangheta, Giuseppe Gioffrè killed after 40 years for revenge: Giuseppe Crea sentenced to 30 years


By John

A ‘Ndrangheta blunder paid with his life forty years later: this was the end of Giuseppe Gioffrèa 77-year-old pensioner killed by gunshots in San Mauro Torinese on 11 July 2004. The investigators’ hypothesis was confirmed today in the court of the Piedmontese capital, where a magistrate, at the end of an abbreviated trial, sentenced to One of the defendants, Giuseppe Crea, was sentenced to 30 years in prison, 44 years old. The prosecutor supported the accusation Manuela Pedrotta. For the second defendant we will proceed with the ordinary trial.

Gioffrè’s murder remained an unsolved case for a long time. New investigations, essentially based on scientific analyzes of the finds from the time, led to two arrests in 2022. In 1964 Gioffrè ran a grocery store in Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte and, according to what has been reconstructed, he disturbed the commercial activities of a local clan: during a dispute he ended up killing two people. The following year, while he was in prison, strangers killed his wife and son. Once he served his sentence, in 1976 he moved to Turin, where he found a job and remarried. According to what was reconstructed by the investigations, in 1964 a relative approached the lifeless body of one of the two people killed by Gioffrè and drank the blood: a gesture that symbolized a promise of revenge.