Fourth defeat for Crotone who returns from Taranto with zero points and many questions


By John

Taranto-Crotone 2-1

MARKERS: 33’pt Kanoute, 42’pt Cianci, 36’st Tumminello
TARANTO (3-5-2): Vannucchi 6.5; Riggio 6.5, Antonini 6.5, De Santis 6.5; Mastromonaco 6.5, Romano 6 (38’st Papaserio sv), Calvano 6.5, Zonta 6.5 (38’st Capone sv), Panico 6.5 (24’st Ferrara 6); Kanoutè 7 (24’st Bifulco 6), Cianci 7 (31’st Fiorani 6.5). All. Capuano 7
CROTONE (4-2-3-1): Dini 5.5; Leo 5 (38’st Bove sv), Loiacono 5.5, Gigliotti 5 (1’st Giannotti 5.5), Giron 6; Petriccione 6, Vitale 5.5; Tribuzzi 6.5, D’Errico sv (17’pt Rojas 5; 25’st Cantisani 5.5), D’Ursi 5.5 (1’st Tumminello 6), Gomez 5.5. All. Zauli 5
REFEREE: Delrio of Reggio Emilia 5.5
NOTE: match played behind closed doors. Booked: D’Ursi, Tribuzzi, Calvano, De Santis, Loiacono, Tumminello, Capone. Angles: 6-10. Recovery: 3′ pt, 5’st.

Fourth defeat in these first eight days for Crotone who also return from the “Iacovone” with zero points and many questions to ask themselves for the rest of the season. Response of character from Taranto who, after a week of controversy, beat Crotone 2-1, behind closed doors, supported by their fans from outside the stadium. The Apulians scored with Kanoutè after 33′ of the match, who did well to launch himself and put the ball into the net behind Dini. After 9′ the Apulians double their lead with Cianci, following the development of an inactive ball. In the second half the Pythagoreans had plenty of time to resume the match but only in the 36th minute did Tumminello’s useless header arrive.