New earthquake in Calabria, magnitude 4 shock in Cirò: no damage


By John

«After today's new earthquake, with its epicenter in Cirò (Crotone), of magnitude 4, identical to that of last Friday, the regional Department of Civil Protection immediately started the usual reconnaissance with the municipalities involved, activating some Volunteer organizations to support the municipal operations centers opened by the mayors. Even in this circumstance, at the moment, no damage to people or things has been reported, although the population felt the earthquake which obviously caused concern among citizens”. This was communicated by the Civil Protection of Calabria. «Today's phenomenon, which is part – we read in a note – of the seismic sequence that has been affecting the Crotone area in recent days, is constantly monitored by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and by the seismology laboratory of the University of Calabria in order to provide the appropriate information to the various competent authorities. For further information on the behavior to adopt in the event of an earthquake, you can consult the Facebook page of the Calabria Civil Protection and the website”.