No to illegal construction, Milazzo freed from illegal billboards


By John

Away with all the illegal billboards that have been invading various areas of the city for some time, also representing a danger to traffic.
This was announced by the municipality's public works councilor Saints Romagnolo who announced the removal of the illegal advertising billboards “which will lead to the restoration of the violated legality, while at the same time restoring further urban decorum to the city”. For a few days now, a specialized company has been removing around ten systems, all of which are illegal. The interventions will proceed in the next few days in other areas of the city, to ensure greater road safety and a deterrent to this serious form of illegal activity. At the base there is a problem linked to the absence of rules which the current administration is taking action to remedy. Until now, as can be seen from the data and the planned removal interventions, operators in the sector act freely, deciding independently where to place an advertising system, also violating the rules of the highway code.