Open fiber works completed in Brolo, Naso and Ficarra: optical fiber reaches 7,984 real estate units


By John

It is already operational at Brolo, Naso and Ficarra the new public ultra-broadband telecommunications network. Open Fiber has completed the construction work on the network infrastructure which allows citizens, businesses and professionals of the three municipalities in the province of Messina to access the Internet with effective and cutting-edge services. The intervention focused in particular on less densely populated areas and so far without ultra-fast connectivity.

The ultra-fast network available today at Brolo reaches 3,965 real estate units through FTTH technology (Fibre-to-the-home, the optical fiber extended right up to the inside of buildings), the only solution capable of guaranteeing connection speeds of 1 Gigabit per second and even higher. Among the buildings covered are the nursery school in Piazza Annunziatella, the nursery school in Via Trento, the Comprehensive Institute in Via Roma, the Comprehensive Institute in Via Libertà, the offices of the Municipality in Via Dante Alighieri, of Piazza Stazione and Via Marina.

The ultra-fast network available at Naso reaches 2,891 real estate units through FTTH and FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technologies. The latter is a solution based on the fiber optic binding of base radio stations, in such a way as to reach real estate units dispersed in areas with very low population density. Among the buildings covered are the nursery school, the elementary school and the middle school in Via Convento, the elementary school in Via degli Angeli, the nursery school in Piazza Roma, the elementary school in the Cresta hamlet, the Continuity Unit. Welfare, the reception structure for autistic people, the offices of the Justice of the Peace, the offices of the demographic services and the Municipal Police, the municipal premises in Piazza Roma, the Carabinieri barracks, the forestry detachment, the tourist office, the auditorium, the library and archive, the convent of the Friars Minor, the museum of sacred art, the 'Cagnanò Art Museum' and the rooms of the monumental cemetery.

The network available at Ficarra reaches 1,128 real estate units through FTTH technology. Among the buildings covered are the primary and middle school in Piazza Mattarella, the “Tomasi di Lampedusa” middle school, the Institute of Fine Arts, the Museum and premises of the Unione Terra dei Lancia, the “Lucio Piccolo” Museum, the Employment centre, municipal demographic services offices, the traffic police command, the police station, the library and the tourist office.


This is a strategic investment for the digitalisation of territories which does not burden the budgets of the Municipalities. The technological infrastructure, in fact, was financed with regional and state funds as part of the Ultra Broadband Plan (BUL) managed by Infratel Italia, a company of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, with the coordination of the Sicilian Region. The impact of laying the fiber is very low, thanks to innovative and sustainable excavation techniques that allow Open Fiber to reuse existing infrastructure.


«Thanks to the FTTH network and the Open Fiber cabling project, these centers in the Messina area are equipped with an ultra broadband network capable of delivering ever-increasing volumes of data traffic, allowing for fast and enabling use of connections for smart working , streaming of HD content, online purchases and remote access to public administration services”, he explains Claudio Imperialefield manager of the company led by the CEO Giuseppe Gola.


Open Fiber is the main Italian FTTH fiber optic operator and among the leaders in Europe. Being a wholesale only operator, it does not sell fiber optic services directly to the end customer, but makes its infrastructure available to all interested operators on equal terms. To take advantage of ultra-broadband connectivity, users can check the coverage of their address on the website, contact an operator and choose their preferred tariff plan to start surfing at high speed.