Occhiuto’s consultant to Davide Ferrerio’s parents: “New Year’s Eve in Crotone is an opportunity”


By John

“New Year’s Eve in Crotone is an opportunity for redemption and positivity. The tragedy that involved Davide Ferrerio and his family in Crotone does not in any way represent the entire community of the city. It is a serious mistake to generalize and attribute the actions of some individuals to all residents.” This is the thought of Salvatore Gaetanoconsultant to the President of the Region Roberto Occhiutoregarding the televised New Year’s Eve in Crotone.

“Crotone – he explains – like many other cities in Italy and around the world, is made up of a varied, welcoming community and people who try to live a peaceful, constructive and respectful life. The televised New Year’s Eve event offers a unique opportunity for the city to show national and international audiences its beauty, its culture and the hospitality of its inhabitants. It is understandable that there are concerns and criticisms in relation to the choice to host a large event like this, considering the recent tragedy experienced by Davide Ferrerio. However, it is also important to consider that Promoting cultural and celebratory events can help change the narrative about a city and offer an opportunity for redemption and positivity. The presence of a national television event in Crotone could be an opportunity to underline the positive and vibrant side of the city, to highlight its cultural, landscape and human resources. This could also help to strengthen the sense of community and highlight the fact that most residents are respectful people who want to build a better future for their city.

It is important to underline – Gaetano continues – that the city and its inhabitants should not be judged on the basis of a single tragic event, but should be considered in their entirety, in their cultural richness and in their will to overcome adversity. The opportunity to have a nationally televised event in Crotone should be seen as an opportunity to show another side of the city, one that reflects its authentic welcoming nature, its history and its unique identity. This event could be a moment of unity and pride for the community, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate to the outside world the beauty and diversity of Crotone and its inhabitants.