The analysis of Bevacqua, leader of the Democratic Party: «The Calabria told by Occhiuto is far from everyday reality»


By John

Mimmo Bevacqua, leader of the Democratic Party at Palazzo Campanella, is not at all convinced of the assessment of the first two years of activity at the helm of the Region drawn up by Roberto Occhiuto. «They don’t surprise me – she states – and they don’t cause surprise. If not for the continued absence of modesty and healthy realism. Since his inauguration we have constantly been faced with a double narrative. The Calabria that Occhiuto talks about, and the real Calabria. We should ask the Calabrians if in these 2 years they have noticed a single sign of improvement in their daily lives…”.
Don’t you think you’re being too harsh?
«Look, the issue is not so much and not just making reforms. But what reforms to do, how to do them and what these reforms lead to. If we limit ourselves to slogans and propaganda, Occhiuto has made reforms, even courageous ones. But essentially we have the impression that things will not improve for the Calabrians in terms of services and that perhaps the ones who really benefit could be some national supply chain which President Occhiuto has often drawn on for some appointments and also to have support and help in Parliament ».
So a failure both in method and in substance?
«In politics the method is not a detail. There is the sensation of experiencing a general commissionership. Suffice it to say that the Regional Council was forced to correct 59 legislative provisions, most of which were the result of proposals from the council. I quote Azienza Zero as modified in the Chamber 6 times”.