Ok (among the controversies) to the deficit But the majority is losing pieces


By John

After an exhausting session that lasted several hours with moments of great nervousness and excitement, yesterday afternoon the city assembly approved the “recovery of the administration deficit, in relation to the approval of the 2022 report”. The practice, already approved in the special commission, was dismissed with 10 votes in favor of the majority and with the opposite opinions of the opposition councilors Peter Gallus And Anthony Lorraine of Brothers of Italy, Antonio Mastroianni (Go Italy), Lucia Citizen (New era), Aquila Villella (PD). The majority councilor also voted “no”. Annalisa Spinelli who yesterday, from start to finish, took on the role of the “contrary bastian” by making fleas to the administration on every topic debated by the assembly.
The balance of the deficit has been the subject of fierce controversy, already in recent days, between the institution and the auditors, so much so that even in the courtroom tempers have heated up a lot. The Budget Advisor Sandro Zaffina explained the breakdown of the deficit which in 2021 stood at minus 62 million and decreased to minus 57 million in the following year. “We are an institution with accounts in order, with 33 million in treasury”, ruled the exponent of the municipal council who then underlined a concept reiterated several times: “The general principle of irretractability of the balances tells me that can move no items after a budget has been officially approved by the city council. Furthermore, Zaffina said that everything starts from an error committed by the prefectural commissioners in 2020, an error – according to the commissioner – also endorsed by the college of accounting experts ».