Ok of the Chamber to the suspension on the minimum wage, the opposition: ‘Shame’


By John

Chamber of Deputies approves majority issue to suspend consideration of opposition bill on minimum wage for a period of sixty days. There were 168 votes in favour, 128 against, three abstentions. From the benches of the opposition the result of the vote was marked by the chorus “shame, shame!”. “We are faced with the flight of the majority, who flee from a real problem”. The secretary of the PD Elly Schlein says it in the Chamber of Deputies speaking on the suspension of the PdL on the minimum wage. “We are open to dialogue. Not to indefinite postponements. The majority say that they don’t care about people’s suffering”, she concludes.

“I am announcing the vote against the M5s. We are already telling you now: do not present yourselves in October with proposals aimed at splitting the audience of underpaid workers”. The leader of M5S Giuseppe Conte says it speaking in the courtroom on the suspension. “Meloni’s openings to dialogue have remained only words”, he continues, then attacking those politicians “who deny the minimum wage and ensure” their salaries.

“While mortgages, petrol and shopping carts increase, there are people who work from morning to night for 4-5 euros gross. Tajani said this is a Soviet measure, but he should know that 21 out of 27 countries in Europe have adopted this solution Today on the legal minimum wage postpone until after the summer hoping that the Italians forget about it, but the rich salary is the one you have reserved for parliamentarians and former parliamentarians. No to the minimum wage, yes to the maximum salaries for politicians? And “How do you interpret the mandate that the voters have given you? We won’t allow it”, argues Conte who accuses Meloni of “not having a line of our proposal. Don’t come back in October with clever proposals aimed at splitting the workers. Meloni has demonstrated that he does not remember the meaning of the tricolor. We hope he re-reads the principle of article 36 which guarantees the worker a free and dignified existence”.

And this can happen with three words: ‘minimum wage, legal, immediately'”. “The majority demonstrates whether the interlocution they promised on the minimum wage is in ‘propaganda mode’ or is true for the interest of the country”. the group leader of the Third Polo Matteo Richetti said in the Chamber, speaking on the suspension presented by the majority. “Your request to postpone the analysis of the proposal on the minimum wage, as you did with the Mes, with the vote for off-site directly to those 20% of the most fragile workers, to those families who suffer real inflation of almost 20%, to those young people who will sign contracts for 5 or 6 euros an hour: tell them that we will talk about it later without specifying in what terms does it mean to commit a great mistake”. “The majority have chosen the path of an escape. You have chosen to escape. But not from us, from the opposition, but from reality, from the country”. Nicola Fratoianni (Avs) said this in the Chamber of Deputies speaking on the suspension of the opposition’s pdl on the minimum wage.

“The story that this law depresses bargaining is ridiculous. We have to give the workers an answer. Then you realized that it was also a problem for you and for your electorate. We’ll see you again then, but starting today we’ll relaunch this campaign in the country”. among other things he said. “We heard that we needed the rich salary and not the minimum wage, that we risked ending up in the USSR, yet we want to tell you one thing: some results have already arrived – he continued -. The first is that we have discovered a right particularly sensitive to the role of the unions. It is extraordinary news, we are happy, happy, finally you have noticed it, the unions are an essential tool for democracy. Please, however, remember this even when they go on strike”.