OpenAI challenges Google, ready to launch a search engine: threat to the giant's monopoly, possible arrival on May 9th


By John

An alternative to Googlethe search engine par excellence, based on ChatGpt. This could be his next move OpenAIthe software parent company that has given a boost to artificial intelligence, reshuffled the cards in the technology sector and which now aims to take away the monopoly from the giant of Mountain View. A social media buzz talks about the existence of a new domain on the company's website that contains the word “search“, or rather “research”.

Details and Launch

Unofficial rumors indicate May 9th as the launch date. The domain https://search.chatgpt.comas it would be called, was spotted by a user of the platform Reddit. At the moment when you visit the site the word “not found” appears. The possible search engine is assumed to be based on asking questions and interacting with an artificial intelligence model that uses natural language, along the lines of Search Generative Experience by Google.

Statements and Competition

«No one has yet managed to combine the large language models and research, I'd like to do it – he said last month in an interview Sam AltmanThe CEO by OpenAI – Google shows you 13 ads and ten blue links, maybe there's a better way to help people find information.” The sentences seem like a declaration of war.

Industry Overview

Google has dominated the scene for almost 30 years, has a 90% market share and spends billions of dollars every year Apple to remain the default search choice on iPhones too. And in the technological puzzle that is being put together in light of the exploits of artificial intelligence, precisely Apple – according to rumors from Bloomberg – is intensifying negotiations with OpenAI for a possible integration of ChatGpt on iPhones.

Microsoft and Google

There is in the background Microsoft which heavily funded the company led by Sam Altman and began technical trials of integrating AI into its search engine Bing. For his part Google is gradually introducing the chatbot Gemini both in search and in some of its popular apps and, according to the Financial Timesis reportedly considering charging for some AI-enhanced features.

Upcoming Developments

An update on AI and a response to OpenAI is likely to come soon at the company's developer conference on May 14. The hypothesis of a search engine with ChatGpt would reshuffle the cards of a boiling sector, opening up a new player that combines artificial intelligence with the breadth of data found online. However, the data used to train these large, increasingly omnivorous linguistic models is not a secondary issue.

Legal Issues

Recently in the United States, after the New York Times, eight newspapers are suing OpenAI for copyright infringement: they claim that their articles were used to power the chatbot. While a European association,, has filed a complaint with the Privacy guarantor Austrian court claiming that ChatGpt violates the GDPRthe European law on personal data protection.