Pd, Schlein relaunches the challenge for the European elections: Bonaccini also on the field


By John

Elly Schlein relaunches the challenge to Giorgia Meloni for the Europeans reiterating the availability for the television discussion. A comparison that involves all the main national TV networks, such as Rai, Mediaset, Sky and La7. The secretary of PD returns to the issue in a long interview with Republic during which the prime minister urged: «Give the names and surnames of those who try to blackmail you».

“He should hand over the elements in his possession to the competent authorities,” he insists, however, seeing the downside of this whole affair: «I have the fear, as already seen with Crosetto, that it is the usual victimism and cheap conspiracy to cover economic and social failures.

A behavior that is not suitable for those who govern the country that now leads the G7». For Schlein the premier «It reveals a sidereal distance from the concrete needs of people. It offers a mix of lies, victimhood and defenses of the indefensible, with obvious gaps in vision. He doesn’t know what waiting lists, high mortgage costs and high living costs are.”

He does not speak «of violence against women, perhaps because the opposition concentrated the few resources at its disposal on that issue while the right distributed tips to finance golf courses. He covers up enormous difficulties with lies, such as the dramatic dispute over the former Ilva.”

The answer above Pozzolo «it was – he observes – completely insufficient. Meloni should have apologized and demanded his resignation. And instead she tells the story of parliamentarians not aware of their responsibilities: it is she, at the helm of her personal party, who made the lists. You cannot deny your responsibilities. But she does it on everything: on the rejection of the ESM reform and on the gag law, she blames Parliament, when it is she who gives the line to her majority.”

Compared to the case Anas, «Meloni’s defense is very weak. Salvini must report: he is not under investigation but the ordinances – which the gag law wants to obscure – outline a system of intermediation between public managers and entrepreneurs who used their proximity to the minister and to an undersecretary of the League».

As regards the TV comparison – explains the secretary – «I launched the challenge to Meloni, on the merits: it doesn’t scare me at all». A comparison though «it does not replace the one in Parliament». Schlein could run for the European elections, he underlines Stefano Bonaccini.

“But the evaluation – he adds – is first and foremost up to you”. The President Dem and theEmilia Romagna he speaks in an interview with Qn in which he gives his willingness to run for the next continental elections in a spirit of service.

And he adds a whole series of considerations on the role of his party and that of the prime minister: The Democratic Party has a credible ruling class in the territories. Melons «in my opinion it has the opposite problem because it represents the monocratic leadership of a party that does not shine due to the exponents it can bring into play and who, at times, are a source of embarrassment, as we are also seeing in recent days».