Pensions: in December 2023 advance of the adjustment for the calculation of the equalization, additional amount and fourteenth


By John

L’Inps announced significant measures that will affect the installment of pensions of December 2023. These measures were taken to support pensioners in an economically complex period and reflect INPS’s commitment to guaranteeing the well-being of its beneficiaries.

Advance of the adjustment for the 2023 equalization

In an unprecedented move, INPS has decided to bring forward the payment of the equalization adjustment for 2023. This means that pensioners will receive part of the equalization as early as December, rather than waiting until the following year. Equalization is a mechanism that adjusts pensions based on inflation and other economic variables, thus ensuring that pensioners’ purchasing power is not eroded by inflation.

Additional amount of 154.94 euros

In addition, INPS will provide an additional one-off amount of 154.94 euros. This amount was designed to provide additional financial support, especially in view of the end-of-year holiday expenses. This is a measure that aims to give a small but significant relief to those who find themselves in greatest need.

The additional sum: fourteenth

Finally, INPS confirms the disbursement of the additional sum, commonly known as the “fourteenth”. This is an annual bonus that is paid to pensioners with an income below a certain threshold. The fourteenth salary represents an important financial support for many seniors, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Message number 4050 of 11-15-2023

With this message we inform you that the Institute has completed the activities aimed at guaranteeing, on the December 2023 pension instalment, the payment of the balance relating to the definitive revaluation for the year 2023, which article 1 of Legislative Decree 18 October 2023, n. 145, advanced to the last payment of the current year.

These activities were carried out at the same time as the processing useful for the automated payment of the additional amount referred to in article 70, paragraph 7, of law no. 23 December 2000. 388, as well as the second tranche of the additional sum, so-called fourteenth, referred to in article 5, paragraphs 1 to 4, of the legislative decree of 2 July 2007, n. 81, converted, with amendments, by law 3 August 2007, n. 127, as amended by article 1, paragraph 187, of law 11 December 2016, n. 232.

Given the above, the activities carried out are illustrated in detail below.

1. Advance of the adjustment for the calculation of the equalization for the year 2023

Pursuant to article 2 of the decree of 10 November 2022 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, the percentage of change for the calculation of pension equalization for the year 2022 is determined at an amount equal to +7.3 from 1 January 2023, subject to an adjustment to be made during the equalization for the following year.

The adjustment had therefore to be carried out, when fully operational, at the same time as the pension revaluation operations for the year 2024, with effect on the January 2024 instalment.

Article 1 of legislative decree no. 145/2023, however, provided that: “TOl in order to counteract the negative effects of inflation for the year 2023 and support the purchasing power of pension benefits, exceptionally the adjustment for the calculation of pension equalization, referred to in article 24, paragraph 5, of the law 28 February 1986, n. 41, for the year 2022 it is brought forward to 1 December 2023”.

Therefore, this provision resulted in the adjustment in question being brought forward to the December 2023 salary.

The definitive percentage change calculated by Istat for the year 2022 to be used for the purposes of automatic equalization of pensions for the year 2023 was equal to +8.1%.

All pensions and welfare benefits with effect from before the year 2023 were affected by the operation, for a total of 21 million benefits.

1.1 Revaluation criteria for the year 2023

Given the percentage change definitively verified in the period January 2021 – December 2021 and the period January 2022 – December 2022 to the extent of +8.1%, the adjustment was calculated with respect to the monthly amount paid provisionally from the month of January 2023.
In particular, the following were developed:

  • the re-evaluation of payments from the month of January 2023;
  • the quantification of the amounts arrears from the month of January 2023.

Below are the definitive values ​​for the year 2023 and we remind you that the amount of the minimum payment is also taken as a basis for identifying the limits of recognition of income-related benefits, the threshold amount for the flexible early pension referred to in article 14.1 of the legislative decree of 28 January 2019, n. 4, converted, with amendments, by law 28 March 2019, n. 26, inserted by article 1, paragraph 283, of law 29 December 2022, n. 197, as well as the increase referred to in article 1, paragraph 310, of law no. 197/2022.

*The guarantee bands are applied when, by calculating the equalization with the percentage of the band, the result obtained is lower than the limit of the previous equalized band.

The direct treatments provided to the victims of acts of terrorism and similar massacres, their survivors, as well as their family members referred to in article 3 of law 3 August 2004, n. 206, were entirely revalued to the extent of +8.1% based on the special regulations referred to in article 3, paragraph 4-quater, of the legislative decree of 24 April 2017, n. 50, converted, with amendments, by law 21 June 2017, n. 96.

We inform you that all the reference values ​​for the year 2023 have been adjusted based on the aforementioned definitive revaluation index.

The tables with definitive values ​​for the year 2023 will be attached to the forthcoming circular relating to the renewal for the year 2024.

1.2 Revaluation of welfare benefits (civil disability, partially blind, completely blind, deaf, social pension, social allowance)

Below are the definitive values ​​for the year 2023

Only the main benefits were re-evaluated with the exclusion of the social increase. The related adjustment will be carried out at the same time as the revaluation operations for the year 2024.

Please remember that the allowances are not subject to adjustment as they are definitively revalued with the renewal operations for the year 2023.

1.3 Activities that cannot be managed centrally

Positions not processed at central level are made available to the territorial structures:

– for pensions managed in integrated systems, in the PENSIONS TO BE CHECKED – LISTA PENS0011 application;

– for pensions managed in proprietary public management systems, on Pension Disbursement Statements – Installment Results – December 2023.

The balances of pensions managed in the integrated systems for amounts exceeding 1,000 euros have been made available to the territorial structures and inserted in the PENSIONS TO BE CHECKED – LISTA PENS 0013 application, for the related management.

Any debt adjustments are managed according to ordinary rules.

1.4 December 2023 installment

On the December 2023 instalment, the new amount due and also used for the thirteenth month is paid, and the arrears of an amount not exceeding 1,000 euros.

The dedicated information note has been included on the payslip.

2. Additional amount of 154.94 euros for the year 2023 (art. 70, paragraph 7, of law 23 December 2000, no. 388)

First of all, we remind you that the indications relating to the methods of attribution of the additional amount of 154.94 euros, introduced starting from 2001 by article 70 of law no. 388/2000, were provided with circular no. 68 of 20 March 2001.

For pensions managed in integrated systems, payment is made provisionally at central level, pending final income verification.

For pensions managed in the proprietary systems of public management and former INPGI, payment is made by the competent territorial structures, after verifying the existence of all the required requirements.

The additional amount was awarded to over 346,000 beneficiaries.

2.1 Embedded systems. Audience of beneficiaries

The attribution of the additional amount is foreseen for holders of one or more pensions paid by the compulsory general insurance and the replacement, exclusive and exemptive forms of the same, as well as the mandatory pension forms managed by the bodies referred to in Legislative Decree 30 June 1994, n. 509.

This amount, therefore, is not due to benefits not classified as pensions which are mentioned below:

044 (INVCIV), 077 (PS), 078 (AS), 030 (VOBIS), 031 (IOBIS), 035 (VMP), 036 (IMP), 027 (VOCRED), 028 (VOCOOP), 029 (VOESO), 127 (CRED27), 128 (COOP28), 129 (VESO29), 043 (INDCOM), 094 (limited to insured and former SPORTASS employees), 143 (APESOCIAL), 198 (VESO33), 199 (VESO92), 200 (ESPA) .

Furthermore, the additional amount is not due on cumulative old-age pensions (cat. 170) with progressive formation, until the benefit is complete in all installments.

Furthermore, the following were excluded from processing:

  • supplementary pensions (GP1AF02 = 5);
  • pensions tax-free due to the double taxation agreement (GP3CDTI (1) = 2);
  • pensions with State replacement or local authority compensation (GP2BD06N = 108 or 109);
  • pensions with payment localized at the paying offices of the territorial structures;
  • pensions with a monthly amount of zero in December 2023;
  • pensions eliminated. Any additional amount due, in relation to the months of receipt of the pension, must be paid to the heirs or to the holder of the eliminated pension by the territorially competent Structure.

2.2 Calculation method

The additional amount for the year 2023 was provisionally recognized based on the amount of the pension and the last income stored by the databaseno earlier than 2019.

For pensions starting interannually, the additional amount was attributed in twelfths and the income limit was related to the months of receipt of the pension. In the event that the pension starting in the interim is combined with another pension starting earlier, the amount has been attributed in full, if due, considering the annual limits.

Any requests presented for unprocessed situations must be preliminarily acquired with the reconstitution procedure for updating the income data and subsequently reported in the “Booking office”.

2.3 Identification of subjects entitled to pensions paid by compulsory pension forms managed by the bodies referred to in legislative decree 30 June 1994, n. 509

Paragraph 9 of article 70 of law no. 388/2000 provides that, if the interested parties are not beneficiaries of INPS benefits, the payment of the additional amount, in the same terms and with the same methods indicated by the law, will be paid by the body identified by the Central Register of Pensioners . To this end, the Register of Records transmits the relevant report to the competent body.

2.4 Pension amount limits

For the purposes of pension amount limits, the procedures verify that the overall amount of pensions stored in the Central Registry of Pensioners does not exceed the limit set for the year 2023.

Please remember that, in the case of a married pensioner, in addition to the marital income, the personal income limit must not, however, be exceeded.

In cases where the pensioner is also entitled to benefits paid under an international agreement, the amount of the pension was also considered to verify the income limit. pro-rata abroad, in addition to the amount of Italian pensions.

The income limit was determined on the basis of the definitive equalization index equal to +8.1%.