Pilot projects, 66 million assigned to Lamezia


By John

An important new piece has been added: the Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso has in fact signed the decree which assigns 466.4 million euros of additional resources from the available resources of the complementary national program for business action and cohesion and competitiveness 2014-2020 (Pon Ic). This is in order to support the projects in the ranking of the “Pilot Projects”, “Voucher for innovation consultancy” and “Sustainable Investments 4.0” facilitation interventions – deemed suitable for the assignment of contributions but without or not fully covered by the financial allocation – and to co-finance the projects selected within the European calls for tenders relating to the EU initiative “Chips for Europe”.
In particular, 66.2 million euros were assigned to the Lametini Territorial Pacts for the “Pilot Projects”, in order to allow the final ranking approved on 13 April 2023 to flow, thus supporting projects of importance for the development of the territorial entrepreneurial fabric and employment.
News welcomed positively by the mayor Paolo Mascaroby the president and manager of Lameziaeuropa Leopoldo Chieffallo And Tullio Rispoliwho in particular expressed appreciation for Minister Urso's decree which will allow, it is hoped, to proceed with the financing decree of the Smart arena pilot project presented by Lameziaeuropa as Responsible Party of the Lametino and Agrolametino Territorial Pacts in collaboration with the Municipality of Lamezia Terme, leader, and the 20 Municipalities of the Lametino District which confirmed itself in seventh place among the 11 financed also in the new definitive national ranking issued in November 2023, unique in Calabria, with overall financing between private and public of 9,971,124 euros, equal to the entire contribution requested.