Reading project at the Iis Fermi in Catanzaro, tomorrow the meeting with the author of the “Laureando” Maurizio Amendola


By John

Tomorrow the “graduands” of the“Enrico Fermi” educational institute of Catanzaro they will meet the author of the “Laureando”, Maurizio Amendola. What may seem like a quarrel of words, in reality concerns the second of the appointments of the reading project just undertaken in the school manager Teresa Agosto. In fact, “Gulliver's Travels” started a few weeks ago. The Institute of the Lido district of Catanzaro is setting off on the journey. Thus began the first edition of the Reading Project, “Gulliver's Travels…. It's all so difficult!”, edited by Department of Letters. Specifically, it is “an active path where reading becomes a way to navigate the concrete problems of children, the complexity of their transition age in a continually changing era, which offers fewer and fewer stable points of reference”.

The project is “the red thread” of the school's orientation module, «focused on activities that develop self-knowledge, aimed at helping students discover their passions, interests, strengths and weaknesses through self-learning activities. reflection and discussions, all aimed at knowing the self, also with a view to re-orientation”. After the analytical and indicative reading of five novels (“Devore the sky” by Paolo Giordano, “Il laureando” by Maurizio Amendola, “Blocco 5” by Luigi Ballerini, “Quel posto a me prohibito” by Elisa Ruotolo and “Io, mio father and the ants” by Rosella Postorino), the students, for parallel classes, will be able to dispel their doubts, also sharing their reflections, “out loud”, through direct feedback with the authors indicated above.

There are five appointments on the agenda in total: Paolo Giordano (1 March); Maurizio Amendola (7 March), Luigi Ballerini (21 March), Elisa Ruotolo (5 April) and Rosella Postorino (18 May). The one with Paolo Giordano was held, via meet, already in recent days. The professor moderated the meeting from the conference room in via Pisacane Rosanna Catalanoproject mentor, with expert support from Nunzio Belcaro of the well-known Ubik bookshop (and former student of the Fermi scientific high school). The meeting, in connection with the Scopelliti auditorium in viale Crotone, was followed in streaming by all the fourth classes of the IIS Fermi. After the institutional greetings entrusted to the professor Simona Fregola (representing the manager Agosto), the meeting got to the heart of things: the author of “Devouring the sky”, Paolo Giordano, interspersed with numerous multimedia products from the fourth grade students, spoke with the lively audience. The talk, in its first experiment, recorded the precious contribution offered by the psychologist John Russo.

Thanks to the school's web TV, the first stage of this ineffable adventure has left a trace, already postponing it to the next event: tomorrow 7 March, auditorium in Viale Crotone, 11 am, fifth year students, in the presence of the psychiatrist Mauro Notarangelothey will meet the Crotone screenwriter and teacher at the Holden school Maurizio Amendola to talk … about Livio's “Laureando”. But that's another story.