Plot 13: the festival against the mafias in Lamezia «for future reference»


By John

Everything is ready for the thirteenth edition of Trame, Festival of books on mafias, a well-established event in Lamezia Terme and which this year pays homage to the writer Leonardo Sciascia in the title: «To future memory». Memory will in fact be the leitmotif of the event which from 18 to 23 June will enliven the places in the center of Lamezia, expanding, for the first time, also into less canonical spaces.

More than 100 guests – among writers, journalists, artists, activists, institutions, witnesses – for 20 books to present, 6 exhibitions, 3 investigative documentaries, 2 theater shows and 3 concerts. These are all the numbers of a very dense program of meetings and activities between the Monumental Complex of S. Domenico, the Lametino Archaeological Museum, the spaces of Palazzo Nicotera-Severisio (home of the “Oreste Borrello” Municipal Library and the House of the Ancient Book) and other key places for the city of Lamezia, for example the central Piazza Mazzini, near the Central Station, the Lamezia Court and the Costabile Theater where installations and artistic performances are planned.

A well-historicized event, in fact, the result of the efforts of numerous entities rooted in the territory but long projected onto a national stage: the Trame Foundation and the Lamezia Antiracket Association among all, well accompanied by a large group of young people who are close to everything in Trame a year and who, during the days of the Festival, form a large group of energetic and passionate volunteers.

The artistic direction is once again entrusted to the journalist Giovanni Tizian, which several times underlines the importance of this year's theme, the need to shake the consciences of a country with a “too short” memory, which quickly forgets the stories of those who resisted criminal and mafia powers: « Every Trame meeting reflects this theme – explains Tizian –. Many different languages, from books to documentaries to television reports, we will think about the state of the anti-mafia today, we will discuss violated rights such as that of health, we will tell the stories of migrants who fled their lands, we will bring experiences of those who try to change every day the country for the better, in the wake of those who tried to do it before them. They can do it because they have built collective memory, for future memory indeed.”

Numerous prominent guests, from Diego Bianchi (Zoro) by Propaganda Live a Claudio Fava – which brings “The Big Lie” to the stage with David Coco –, from Don Luigi Ciotti (Free) to the Prosecutor Nicola Gratteri (who presents his latest book «Il grifone. How technology is changing the face of the 'ndrangheta» with Antonio Nicaso), from the anthropologist Vito Tetiwhich will focus on Restanza, depopulation, memory and “nostalgia for the future”, at the live show of Peppe Voltarelli. Therefore, there are numerous facets of a discourse, that of anti-mafia, activism against crime and so on, which cannot fail to take into account a multidisciplinary approach. Just as the institutional guests are inevitable, starting from the President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiutothe Undersecretary of State, Wanda Ferroand the first citizen of Lamezia, Paolo Mascaro, who was already present at the press conference and recalled Lamezia's pride in hosting Trame, praising in particular its propensity to increasingly broaden its horizons. Among the various meetings, we will talk about eco-mafias, healthcare, some topics which only apparently, as Tizian says, might seem unrelated, but which instead tell a portion of criminal power.

Among the books that will be presented, «Powder magazine Tunisia. Chronicles from a country in collapse” (Rizzoli) by Sara Giudice, and “Il Lametino. From the observed landscape to the reconstructed ancient landscape”, by Giovanna De Sensi Sestito and Stefania Mancuso, regarding the cultural landscape as “active memory”.

There is excitement in Lamezia, therefore, brochures and leaflets with the very rich program are already being distributed with enthusiasm and the people of Lamezia will not miss, as every year, an event which, in effect, as underlined by the President of the Trame Foundation, Antonio Iovane, renews its prestige and authority despite some financial “risk”, given the delays of the Calabria Region in processing tenders for cultural events.

Last aspect, but not least, that relating to the exhibitions: among others, «Visioni Civiche. The art returned”, which will remain open until 28 July in the premises of the Lametino Archaeological Museum curated by Lorenzo Canova, who will make 44 works confiscated from the mafia accessible for the first time in Lamezia (among other things, the festival will host, the 22 June, on the topic of confiscated assets, a workshop for operators, with Tatiana Giannone, national manager of confiscated assets, and Giuseppe Borrello, regional representative of Libera) in collaboration with Libera, as well as «The Africo case», which will bring back to Calabria after decades the famous shots by Tino Petrelli from 1948, taken for a reportage in the magazine L'Europeo which remained an emblem of the Southern Question after the Second World War.