Polistena, the majority approves the document supporting the hospital initiative


By John

With the votes of the majority, the document was approved in the city council in support of the “Sanità Lavora” event scheduled in the city on Saturday 4 May, called by the municipal administration together with movements, associations, institutions, schools, traders, doctors, operators health workers, trade unions and political parties, in defense of the right to health, public health and the Spoke hospital in Polistena.
It was the mayor Michele Tripodi to read in the classroom the programmatic and demanding platform of the demonstration, the result of sharing the requests received from associations, doctors and free citizens. «I think there will be a big demonstration on Saturday – the majority leader said in the chamber Fabio Racobaldo – the people of this territory deserve respect. We are for the Palmi hospital, but one that is complementary to that of Polistena.” Tripodi recalled that in 2015, thanks to the two demonstrations held, the then commissioner Scura changed the wording which now the president/commissioner Occhiuto has reintroduced, so even today they are asked to correct the indication that the new Palmi hospital will replace the 'existing.
The opposition councilors of “Polistena Futura”, through the group leader Francesco Pisanoin contesting the modus operandi of the municipal administration guilty of not having involved the minority, presented its own motion indicating some essential points: implementation of the Polistena hospital, rapid construction of the Palmi hospital, involvement of the local administrators for a shared political proposal on the new structure of the Piana hospital network.