Tommaso Foti (FdI): the students protesting at the university? It was better to send them out to dig


By John

«When I see mostly out-of-class people in the universities who think that the revolution will be achieved by breaking the agreement with this or that Israeli university because in this way we favor the struggle of the Palestinian people, I ask myself whether it would be better to send them to the University or to dig where they would have achieved better results.” Thus the group leader of Fdi in the Chamber Tommaso Foti during the panel on religious freedom at the party's programmatic conference underway in Pescara.

Students: “In a democracy there must be protests every day”

«In democracy, protests, protests and critical debate must be the order of the day. Fortunately, in universities students remember this despite years and years of governments from right to left who have always tried to repress forms of dissent.” Francesca Lini of the student organization Cambiare Rotta told ANSA, in response to the words of the FdI group leader in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti. “If the entire parliamentary spectrum is united, including the opposition, in favor of sending weapons, fortunately there are those who remember the values ​​of peace and the rejection of war”, she adds. For Francesco Sampietro of the Sapienza Collective Coordination, «interrupting the agreements between those who supply weapons and knowledge and those who use them in general to commit genocide is the most avant-garde thing that can be done today». And he underlines how it is a mobilization that “is happening all over the world”.