Popular Alternative, leader Stefano Bandecchi in Vibo: “Centre-right and center-left have failed. We need to change course”


By John

“Centre-right and center-left have failed. They are full of politicians who have worked little or nothing in their lives. Consequently, we need to change course so as not to accentuate the abstentionism of voters who have not fallen out of love with politics but with politicians who allow themselves to be bribed for around 50 thousand euros”. It's the usual Stefano Bandecchi, without filters, the one who relaunches the challenge, from the Cala del Porto hotel in Vibo Marina, in view of the European elections, as leader of Popular Alternative, the idea of ​​a policy that knows how to start again “from the entrepreneurs, from those who have always worked and cannot find, after Berlusconi's death, anyone who truly represents them.” A need that is even stronger in Calabria, where “with wonderful beaches and a wonderful coastline like the one in Vibo, there are those who continue to use the beaches to build trains inside”.