Port of Catanzaro, the completion works pass from the update of the costs


By John

When the summer break resumes, the picture of the port completion works will be clearer and the Municipality will be able to define the procedures for preparing the tender notice. In fact, the administration of Palazzo De Nobili intends to set up a process that allows for the identification of a company that is able to support an important technical and economic commitment, considering that we are talking about an intervention worth 20 million euros . An amount that, in truth, could rise given the recent price increases but also because the project now dates back to about ten years ago.
A long wait, with ups and downs also for the very fate of the loan recovered from the Cipe by the then mayor Michele Traversa; subsequently those resources will not be spent and in 2015 there will be the risk of losing them, but the governor of the time, Mario Oliverio, will “save” them by moving them to the CAP programming.
In short, today the situation is by now consolidated and, after obtaining the Environmental Impact Assessment with some prescriptions, the concrete phase is approaching. The Municipality is now waiting for the definition of the economic-financial plan which will tell how much the entire operation could be worth, in order to develop a tender that is able to attract economic operators. Also, possibly, for the future concession. In fact, the hypothesis of identifying a company that carries out the completion and then takes care of the management, thus putting the investment made to good use, is far from over.